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The Entwistle Company
The Entwistle Company
Since 1918...


The Entwistle Company was founded in Rhode IslandThe Entwistle Company was founded in 1918 by James L. Entwistle, who was an electrical engineer and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Professor Entwistle founded the Company in Rhode Island for the purpose of manufacturing specialized machinery for producing insulated electrical wire, which was an important emerging technology at the time.

Over the ensuing years, Entwistle acquired other capital machinery product lines and pursued defense-related work and acquisitions, which has resulted in a diverse product mix. The Company's operations were moved to Hudson, Massachusetts in 1970.

Professor Entwistle and staffEntwistle is a veteran machining and defense products manufacturer








The legacy of James Entwistle for technical excellence and the highest quality has continued to be the hallmark of The Entwistle Company and its employees. The Company prides itself on providing its customers with superior products and after-the-sale support and services.

The Entwistle Company