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Danville Manufacturing                                     AS9100 Certified 
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Danville - a history of high-volume production


Complex assemblies are manufactured in smaller quantities

The Danville plant also manufactures complex assemblies in smaller production quantities. For example, MB-4 tow tractors were produced by Danville for the USAF and international customers.


Danville's history as a high volume supplier of assemblies and subassemblies for the military is as follows:

  • 30,000 Zuni rocket launchers
  • 8,000 ASROC airframe assemblies
  • 15,500 practice bombs
  • 21,600 M-234 projectile launchers
  • 87,000 Sidewinder guidance fins
  • 27,400 MK-11, MK-12, and
    MK-13 mine tail sections
  • 40,000 TMD spin tails
  • 8,700 ballistic aerial targets
  • Over 1,000 catapult trough covers
  • Over 35,000 joint direct attack
    munition tail fairings
  • Over 2,000 jet blast deflector modules

MB-4 Tow Tractors in production

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