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Dragnet vehicle arresting barriers


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The Dragnet Vehicle Arresting Barrier is a simple, yet versatile, non-lethal product that was derived from The Entwistle Company's long history in the design and manufacture of aircraft arresting gear systems for shipboard installations. The system offers a practical solution for highway safety, security, and force protection applications.

Dragnet has been extensively tested by independent transportation research organizations. The system has satisfied the Structural Adequacy, Occupant Risk and Vehicle Trajectory evaluation criteria per the National Cooperative Highway Research Program Report 350 (NCHRP 350), TL-3 Head-On Impact.

Dragnet systems are currently designed and tested for highway safety applications such as:

  • Median barriers
  • Work zone protection
  • Truck escape ramps
  • High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane closures
  • Railroad crossings

The Dragnet also offers a solution to the need for security and force protection by denying access to highly sensitive areas such as military bases, government buildings, or industrial facilities.


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