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Dockside Equipment
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Dockside Flushing Systems...

Model KT-3103
For cleaning and flushing all types of tanks, vessels, bottles, containers, and piping. This self-contained unit will pump up to 100 p.s.i. at 180° F. maximum temperature. The unit incorporates a 350 gallon divided stainless steel tank, and is available with either electric or steam heating coils. Conveniently located sampling valves are provided, as well as chemical filters in pressure and return liners. All gages and operating control are located at the instrument panel. Variations available.

Chemical Flushing System KT-3103
Chemical Flushing Systems


Hydraulic Flushing System KT-3368






Hydraulic Flushing Systems


Model KT-3368
For flushing all types of hydraulic systems. This self-contained modular unit will deliver 60, 90 and/or 150 g.p.m., depending on motor horsepower at pressures up to 1500 p.s.i. It is equipped with a 1,000 gallon divided steel reservoir, conveniently located sampling valves, electric or steam operated immersion heaters and complete instumentation panel. The unit includes duplex 10-micron absolute high pressure filters and duplex 5-micron coalescer return filters for continuous operation. Other models are available with flows up to 500 g.p.m. and varying degrees of filtration, with water removal options.



Model KT-3740
For flushing auxilliary diesel engines onboard class 637 to Trident submarines. This self-contained modular system delivers 260 g.p.m. at 60 p.s.i. at 140° F. The unit includes duplex 10-micron absolute pressure filters for continuous operation. A muslin bag filter is included in the unit for visual inspection of contaminant particles.

* photograph indicates one of several modules.


Diesel Engine Flushing System KT-3740

Diesel Engine Flushing Systems


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