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Power, Filtering and Purification units...

Hydraulic Power Units
Completely self-contained hydraulic power plants with a wide range of flow, pressure, filtration and controls. Fixed Flow Systems are available up to 600 g.p.m. and 5000 p.s.i., as well as variable volume systems up to 1200 g.p.m. in multiple pump motor units. Both high pressure and return filters are available to 5-micron absolute. All units have complete instrumentation and controls.

Hydraulic Power Unit
Hydraulic Power Units


Hydraulic Filtering Unit

Hydraulic Filtering Unit
The Kenett Hydraulic Filtering Unit has been developed to maiximize the performance and effectiveness of hydraulic systems. The portable unit is periodically attached to the hydraulic system to clean the reservoir and process the oil, removing even the smallest contaminating particles. And because the process does not interrupt operation of the system, you never experience costly and unproductive down-time.

The thorough cleansing action of the Kenett Hydraulic Filtering Unit saves money by reconditioning the existing oil instead of replacing it. Its use assures that your oil is ultra-clean and remains that way for maximum effectiveness and longer life of the system.


Available in Standard
Coalescer Units


Model KT-RFE-2046
This self-contained sytem combines vacuum, mass transfer, pumping and filtration into one operation for the purification of hydraulic fluid reservoirs. It will remove moisture, fresh and salt water, disolved gas, and microscopic particles to 3-microns absolute. The unit comes with vacuum chamber, vacuum pump, dual fluid pumps, filter, complete instrumentation and controls.

Fluid Purification Unit KT-RFE-2046

Fluid Purification Unit



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