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Aircraft Maintenance Crane


Aircraft Maintenance Crane


The U. S. Navy has a requirement for a C-130 air transportable crane with a 17,000 pound (8,000 kg) capacity for use during aircraft maintenance. Commercial cranes with this capacity are not C-130 air transportable; therefore, Entwistle designed and built the A/S32M-17 Aircraft Maintenance Crane for this mission. The aircraft maintenance mission also requires that the equipment be remotely operated both from the ground and a boom-mounted bucket.

  • Entwistle model 8807
  • NSN 3810-01-361-7649
  • Production - 27 cranes


Specification Data
  • 17,000 lb (8,000kg) load at 10 ft
    (3 meter) radius
  • 9,000 lb (4,000 kg) load at 25 ft
    (7.5 meter) radius
  • Diesel engine power
  • Full powershift transmission
  • Quick engine change (QEC)
  • Four wheel drive
  • Selectable four wheel, two wheel,
    or crab steer
  • Electronic load warning system
  • Remote controlled craning functions
    (from bucket or ground)
  • C-130 air transportable (roll-on/roll-off)
  • 29,000 pounds (13,200 kg) curb weight


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