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Flight Line Tow Tractor


Flight Line Tow Tractor


Entwistle's Flight Line Tow Tractor (FLTT) for the U.S. Air Force is based on a Dodge Ram, Cummins Diesel powered chassis and cab. The wheelbase is shortened for tighter turns, and a rear deck adds weight on the rear tires. Drawbar pull is over 4,500 pounds. The FLTT tows both trailers and aircraft up to 70,000 pounds and is also used for transportation on and around the flight line.

  • Entwistle model 9320
  • NSN 1740-01-389-4119
  • Production - Over 1000 tractors


Specification Data
  • 4,500 (20,000 Newtons) drawbar pull (nominal)
  • Modified Didge truck Chasis
  • Cummins Diesel engine power
  • Wheelbase reduced
  • Rear deck added
  • Automatic transmission
  • Four wheel drive optional
  • 18 foot (6 meters) turning radius
  • 35 mph (56 kph) maximum speed
  • Trailer air provisions (optional)
  • 9,200 pounds (4,200 kg) gross vehicle weight rating


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