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R-14C Fuel Servicing Unit


Earlier versions of the A/E32R-14 Aircraft Fuel Servicing Unit have been used by the U.S. Air Force and others for many years. Entwistle designed a new R-14C, which incorporates an on-board compressed air system and state-of-the-art fuel servicing components and controls. The R-14C provides significantly improved performance, maintainability, reliability, and operator friendliness. For setting up fueling operations at remote locations, the R-14C is unmatched by any other system.

  • Entwistle model 9314
  • NSN 4930-01-392-7988
  • Production - Over 50 units


Specification Data
  • Aircraft refueling/defueling
  • Diesel engine powered
  • 600 gpm capacity with de-
    contaminating & metering
  • Hose and bladder storage
    on board
  • Air transportable
  • Engine-driven air compressor
  • State-of the art compressed
    air controls (no nitrogen)
  • Compressed air-driven mo-
    bilization (no hand pumping)
  • Commercial filter-separator
    installed horizontally for
    easy filter access
  • Pump/filter unit (P/FU)
    mission capable


The Entwistle Company