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The Entwistle Company
Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM)...


JDAM with Entwistle manufactured tail fairing.

As a subcontractor to the Boeing Company, Entwistle's Danville Division manufactures the tail fairings for the JDAM family of guided bombs. This includes the MK82 (500 pounds), MK83 (1,000 pounds), and MK 84 (2,000 pounds) bombs. The plant also produces the tail fins for the MK82 JDAM.

Entwistle has achieved high production rates through innovative processes

the JDAM family of guided munitions


The production rate for the JDAM tail fairings is several thousand fairings per month. Danville has established a consistent record of meeting or beating scheduled delivery dates with quality products that meet Boeing's specification and performance requirements.

Danville's management and technical personnel have worked closely with Boeing to establish economical and innovative manufacturing processes which provide both competitive production costs and flexible responsiveness to the immediate needs of Boeing's JDAM Program. Danville is a Silver Certification Supplier to the JDAM Program.




Boeing awarded Entwistle for performance in support of Operation Allied Force







The Entwistle Company