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Ordnance Parts
The Entwistle Company
MK-41 Destructor Series Mines...


Destructor series mine

Entwistle has manufactures in high volume and to the highest quality standards

Missle Components...

Fin assemblies for missles manufactured by Entwistle


The Lockley Manufacturing Group produced tail sections for MK-11, MK-12, and MK-13 versions of the MK-41 Destructor Series Mines.

Over 28,000 tail sections were manufactured.


Airframe section for U.S. Navy missle system

Over 8,000 airframe sections for the U.S. Navy's ASROC system were manufactured. Other missle components include over 100,000 guidance fins for Sidewinder, Shrike, Sidearm, and -20C missles.


The Entwistle Company