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Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM)
Combined Effects Munitions
Practice Bombs and Targets
MK-41 Destructor Series Mines and Missle Components


The Entwistle Company and our Danville Division (formerly Lockley MFG Group) have supported the Department of Defense, as well as other major Defense Contractors such as Aerojet, Honeywell, General Dynamics and Raytheon, with Ordnance Programs since the World War II era.

Involvement in these ordnance programs has helped us to develop innovative manufacturing techniques, diversify and expand our in-house capabilities all the while giving us the competitive edge to insure on time delivery and excellent product quality to our customers.

Utilizing dedicated equipment and designing specialized machines for specific operations enables Entwistle to manufacture ordnance equipment solely within our facility and manage all processes and procedures from the design phase to final shipment.

These sub-contract programs, primarily for “build to print” equipment in volume quantities, include a wide range of products such as… walleye wings, zuni rocket launchers, anti-submarine rockets (ASROC), shrike missile fins, sidewinder air to air guidance fins. Tear gas grenade projectile launchers, torpedo stowage systems, 38-B practice Bombs, 46-E practice bombs, MK-41 Destructor Series Air to Sea mines, Torpedo Stowage Systems, Ballistic Aerial Targets (BATS), Combined Effects Munitions Dispensers (CEM) and Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM).


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