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Shipboard Equipment
The Entwistle Company
Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment (ALRE)...


Aircraft Launch Equipment


Entwistle has been producing ALRE equipment for over forty years and continues to be a valued supplier to the United States Navy.

Entwistle is not only familiar with ALRE machinery systems, but also with the unique materials and special processes, including non-destructive testing, that are required for ALRE equipment.




Aircraft launch components manufactured by Entwistle:

  • Catapult trough covers
  • Jet blast deflectors
  • Launching shuttles
  • Sealing strips
  • Rotary retraction engines
  • Shuttle grab assemblies

Catapult blast protective shield


Aircraft launching parts manufactured by Entwistle

A Dependable Vendor

Shipboard equipment

Depend on us to manufacture diverse shipboard components.

We specialize in development and testing for mission performance, endurance, structural integrity and specfication compliance.


Shipboard equipment


Aircraft recovery components manufactured by Entwistle:

  • Sheave Dampers
  • Anchor Dampers
  • Deck Sheaves


The Entwistle Company