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Shipboard Equipment
The Entwistle Company
Handling and Stowage Systems...


Torpedo stowage equipment


Weapons Handling and
Stowage System (WHSS)

The WHSS provides a safe and efficient handling and stowage system that permits a minimum of crewmembers to store torpedos, missiles, and depth charges in a shipboard magazine and to safely and quickly transfer them from replenishment dollies to or from the ship's weapons magazine. It includes a pneumatically-operated, bi-rail hoist with sway braces capable of stabilizing a weapon in heavy seas.


Weapon Stowage Chocks

Entwistle has manufactured weapons stowage for a variety of weapons including MK46 and MK50 torpedos. Specifics of the stowage chocks are as follows:

  • Aluminum alloy, 6061-T6
  • Shock tested to Mil-S-901D
  • Blast shields
  • Captured hardware
  • Universal chocks that can be used with a variety of weapons


Weapons chocks



Variable depth sensor hoist


Variable Depth Sensor (VDS) Hoist System

The VDS Hoist System is designed for safe, controlled movement of a VDS to and from maintenance dollies and stowage cradles in a moderate sea condition.


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