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Shipboard support products designed and manufactured by The Entwistle Company


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The Entwistle Company has designed and built shipboard support equipment for the United States Navy for over forty years. Our shipboard support equipment has been installed on all of the following classes of ships:

• CG-47 Class Cruisers
• DDG-51 Class Destroyers
• CVN Class Aircraft Carriers
• LHD Class Amphibious Assault
• LPD17 Class Amphibious Transport Dock

Robust design is a proven commodity on Entwistle equipment. This equipment is designed not only to withstand the harsh sea environment but to also withstand the harsh sea environment, EMI, shock, and vibration.

Equipment manufacture includes everything from new design to build-to-print units. Entwistle has extensive knowledge of government specifications and requirements. A fully staffed program management section assures that all requirements of the contract are fulfilled. These requirements include hardware, software, logistics, safety cases and provisioning.

The Entwistle Company