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Entwistle Hydraulic Distribution Division represents a carefully selected group of highly competent manufacturers producing a broad range of hydaraulic and pneumatic components and instruments. Entwistle Hydraulic Distribution Division maintainsOrtman Cylinder a large, up-to-date library of the technical information, specifications and descriptive literature, to assist designers searching for technical data. Contact us for complete information on any product in this website.

Inventories are maintained in Hudson, MA to give Entwistle Hydraulic Distribution Division customers the fastest possible service. Unique warehousing arrangements simplify location of components, and advanced inventory control techniques keep stocks up to date for prompt shipment in most cases. A modern processing system assures immediate attention to all orders.

The Entwistle engineering staff is available for assistance, whether the requirement is a single component, subassembly or complete system. Entwistle Hydraulic Distribution Division design engineers, experienced in all phases of hydraulic pneumatics, can offer ideas for systems based on a broad group of advanced applications. Entwistle Hydraulic Distribution Division also designs and manufactures a complete line of standard and custom Hydraulic Power Units and Systems to meet every requirement.

Sales Engineers are in the field, ready to serve Entwistle Hydraulic Distribution Division customers in the selection of the proper equipment for any application. Their periodic training and instruction in the latest solutions to difficult problems are highly beneficial to the people they serve. In the event of a malfunction in a system, Entwistle Hydraulic Distribution Division sales engineers are available to assist in locating and solving the problem.

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