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Hydraulic Systems Division
The Entwistle Company
Generator Test Stands


Generator Test Stands


Entwistle has designed and manufactured several test stands for testing generators, alternators, and related electrical equipment for helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, and ground support equipment. The stands offer state of the art micro-processor controlled variable speed drives. Options include pumping units for oil cooled units, blowers for air cooled units, computer controls with programming as desired, and customized configurations. Load banks, sized and configured to match the test units, are also available with integral control and instrumentation panels.

  • Entwistle P/Ns - Various (KT-4622 shown)
  • Production - 5 test stands


Specification Data
  • Variable speed drive
  • Maximum drive speed
    - Over 30,000 rpm
  • Maximum power
    - Over 200 horsepower
  • Speed controlled to 0.1%
  • Resistive/reactive load bank
    to match generators under test
  • Separate oil supply for constant
    speed drives as required
  • Programmable test controls and
    instrumentation available


The Entwistle Company