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Hydraulic Systems Division
The Entwistle Company
Hydraulic Component Test Stands


Hydraulic Component Test Stand


Entwistle has designed and built various hydraulic component test stands for many applications. These include tube hydrostatic testing, filter cartridge contamination verification, dynamic component integrity testing, and component endurance testing. Common test items are flight control servos, hydraulic pumps and valves, electro-hydraulic actuators, landing gear shock strut assemblies, power steering units, damper assemblies, brake cylinders, accumulators, and starter motor APUs.

  • Entwistle P/Ns - Various (KT-40724 shown)
  • Production - Over 50 test stands


Specification Data
  • Computer controlled ...
    capable of automatic testing
  • Manual operation can test all
    components manually
  • State-of-the-art processor
    controlled output drive
  • Data acquisition and test
    report format as desired
  • Easily upgraded to latest
    test requirements
  • Both hardware and
    software support
  • Load bank and hardware
    available for testing
    generators/alternators and
    associated hardware


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