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Dietzco Paper Converting Machinery


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Composite Can Machines
Spiral Tube and Core Winders
Skivers, Festoons and Glue Stands
The "Sleeter"


Dietzco should be a household word... because that's where it counts.

We help to put millions of products into homes around the world, but the names people know are the famous companies which use our products to make their products.

These companies, in turn, know Dietzco as a major supplier of converting equipment. They consider us as the technical leader in the development of machinery to assist them in producing household goods and a wide range of products for business, industrial and institutional use.

They depend on Dietzco to improve their production efficiency, reduce their operation costs and increase the customer appeal of their products.

What we have done for these companies, we probably can do for you... with converting equipment skillfully designed... carefully made.



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