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Dietzco Spiral Winding Machinery
The Entwistle Company
Model MC Composite Can Machine...


For high volume applications requiring precision cutoff and pinpoint label registration

Model MC Composite Can Machine

Dietzco Model MC Composite Can Machines produce cut-to-length can bodies at speeds up to 250 fpm under the guidance of an electronic proportional control system which guarantees a perfect match between cutoff and printed label.

These machines utilize a reciprocating carriage with unique transverse mechanism which synchronizes the cutting action to provide accurate, consistent length control. Air cushioned knives and a customized suspension system developed by Dietzco assure square, clean-cut ends. In-line design and unitized construction keep the winding and cutting sections in perfect alignment.

Interchangeable cams and parts permit rapid changeover to larger can body diameters. A microsheave unit lets the operator adjust the cutting anvil for changes in speed without stopping the machine. The mandrel is equipped for either cooling or heating.


Model ST Heavy Wall Winder...

Designed by Dietzco to handle the tough jobs, the Model ST is a ruggedly built utility winder capable of producing tubes as large as 20 inches in diameter. Tube length is continuous, and tube wall thickness can be whatever the application requires. The variable speed drive can be adjusted to accomodate a wide range of operating conditions.


The Entwistle Company