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Rite-Size Corrugated Box Making Machinery
The Entwistle Company
Model RS-60 Corrugated Boxmaker...



A Rite-Size machine operating on an 8-hour day and producing 400 box blanks per hour (only 80% of capacity), can save enough within 2-years to cover the entire purchase price. Cash savings on short runs can amount to over 50%. Rite-Size does it all!The Rite-Size machine provides a dependable and economical solution to daily packaging problems occurring in management, sales, production, purchasing, packaging, storage, and shipping.

Make your own boxes on the spot

when you need them, any quantity - any size - any time

  • RSC - Regular slotted container
  • HSC - Half slotted container
  • FOL - Full overlap slotted container
  • OSC - Overlap slotted container
  • OPF - One piece folder
  • FTD - Telescope trays and lids
  • FPF - 5-Panel folders


Any company which packs and ships a variety of products in different sizes and styles, in relatively small quantities of each and whose needs are constantly changing will find it can save money.

Rite-Size machines are used around the world by both sheet and corrugated plants as a companion piece to their printer slotters and flexos. They are also used by many multi-product end users, manufacturers, government supply depots, and industrial shipping suppliers in order to cut down on their corrugated box inventory and warehouse requirements, while at the same time, improving service to their customers via the advantages inherent in having in-house box making capability.
Rite Size. It's Turn-Key...and It's Economical

You can reduce your purchase cost and free-up warehouse space by making your own corrugated boxes. The equipment required will vary according to your packaging requirements.

Rite-Size Box Making Equipment - Rite-Size Corrugated Box Making Machines convert stock corrugated sheets to shipping containers in many styles and sizes. Featuring fast set-up an simplicity of operation, they are designed for use in corrugated and sheet plants as well as by end-users - wherever different sizes and styles of boxes are needed in small quantities.

Rite-Size Makes Short-run Economical - Rite-Size presents a unique approach to the ever-increasing problem of short runs in the corrugated industry. More and more customers want only the quantity they need, when they need them, and both the corrugator and sheet plants, as well as the end-user himself, benefit in many ways by using Rite-Size short run equipment.

Rite-Size in the Corrugated Industry - Designed for simple set-up and operation - 15 seconds or less for a complete dimensional change - Rite-Size Machines make corrugated boxes accurately and efficiently, and are the ideal companion-piece for converters to take the short run load off their high speed flexo/folder/gluers and printer-slotters.

Rite-Size Lowers Box Unit Cost - An investment in Rite-Size equipment can result in labor saving and lower set-up costs on short runs.

Rite-Size Incorporates Unique Features - By running in the linear direction, a stock corrugated sheet can be converted into finished blanks in one pass thru the machine without first scoring and trimming it on the corrugator or on a slitter-scorer.

Rite-Size in End-user Plants - By making their short run requirements, when needed, end users can reduce the cost and space required to stock corrugated boxes.

How Rite- Size Works - From stock sheets, a Rite-Size box machine can make a complete box in one pass; it flap scores, body creases and slots, slits to width, cuts to length, prints & stacks...ready for taping, gluing or stitching the manufacturers joint. It also can produce blanks from sheets pre-cut to size.

The Entwistle Company