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Rite-Size Corrugated Box Making Machinery
The Entwistle Company
Model RS-60 Corrugated Boxmaker...



  • The Rite-Size box at the right time: Eliminate the dollar loss resulting from obsolescence. When a new product is ready for packing Rite-Size delivers a box to fit it.
  • Reduced inventories: No longer are large box inventories necessary. No longer must you purchase large quantities of different sizes and styles. Rite-Size permits low stock inventories, keeps costs down, and eliminates box deterioration and damage from prolonged storage.
  • Economical small lots: Produce economically up to 5000 boxes on an 8-hour shift and save as much as 90% in set-up charges, instead of purchasing large quantities. Many of which you may not require for months.
  • Saves storage & manufacturing space: With space from as little as 1600 square feet for machine and stock storage you can free up warehouse space now occupied by your present box inventory.
  • No waiting: Adjust the Rite-Size box machine for a complete dimensional change in approximately 15-seconds. Thus, an odd size box can be produced in your own plant immediately, eliminating delay in packaging of finished products. No advance planning, less time required for requisitioning, purchasing and stock handling.
  • Unlimited styles & sizes: Tailor made shipping boxes produced in your own plant. A Rite-Size machine can be adjusted to thousands of different sizes and styles…the RITE one for each item, every time. Eliminate over-packing and waste. Reduce cube in storage and transport. You make boxes on the spot whenever they're needed.
  • Customer satisfaction: Greater efficiency and convenience in forwarding finished products promptly, elimination of damaged goods due to improper packing and less financial loss - hence greater customer satisfaction.

Boxmaking schematic


Box Styles


Regular Slotted Container
Full Overlap Slotted Container
Five Panel Folder
Full Telescope Design Style Box
Half Slotted Container with Cover
One Piece Folder
Overlap Slotted Container
Center Special Overlap Slotted Container (CSO)
Half Slotted Box with Half Slotted Partial Cover (PTHS)
Full Telescope Half Slotted Box (FTHS)
Design Style Box with Cover (SCD)
Partial Telescope Design Style Box (PTD)
Two Piece Folder (2PF)
Three Piece Folder (3PF)
Scored Inner Liners
Air Liners




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