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Hudson Manufacturing
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specialized assemblies in all configurations

Hudson produces specialized assemblies in all configurations, ranging from a complete assembly weighing but two pounds to aircraft carrier catapult components weighing over ten tons.

specialized assemblies of all sizes are produced in our Hudson plant


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Entwistle's Hudson plant has experience in the assembly of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical systems and in the special processes and problems that each entails.

we overcome problems with special processes

our extensive open assembly bay with overhead cranes

The extensive open assembly bay has overhead cranes capable of lifting and positioning components and sub-assemblies easily and quickly. Strict control and efficient storage of purchased parts, subassemblies, and completed product is an important feature of Hudson's assembly capability. Special fixtures aid the assembly process when appropriate.


we specialize in manufacturing from the smallest assemblies weighing less than two pounds to components weighing over ten tons


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