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Entwistle Wire and Cable Machinery


More about Wire & Cable Machinery
Extrusion Systems
Pay-Offs & Take-Ups
Wire Drawing Systems
Vertical Extruders
Bunchers & Cablers


Just a Few Examples of ENTWISTLE Wire Machinery

Extrusion Systems ~ Gantry / Portal Pay-offs and Take-ups
Accumulators and Dancers ~ Capstans ~ Annealers
Continuous Belt Caterpullers ~ Wire Drawing Systems
Vertical And Verta-turret Extruders ~ Single Twist Bunchers / Cablers
Concentric and Eccentric Taping Machines

Also offered are complete systems and machines for Re-reeling, Re-coiling, Flyer Pay-Offs, Shaftless Pay-offs & Take-ups, Drum-Pak and Draw-Pak Take-ups, De-Reelers, Dead Block Coilers, Spoolers, Neutralizers, Spark Testing, Measuring, Labeling, High Speed Hose Serving, Binding And Serving Heads, Insulation Patching Presses, Cook Machinery Division, Aimco, Allard, Coulter & McKenzie Division, Federal Manufacturing… The industry's most extensive line of Wire and Cable equipment available from one source.

Designers and Builders of Quality Machinery Since 1918

ENTWISTLE engineering systems and service capabilities offer you the convenience and security of dealing with one source for sales and service at every step of your wire production operation.”Entwistle Single-Source Responsibility”….. total responsibility for the overall system.

Take advantage of the Designers and Manufactures of the Industry’s most extensive line of Wire and Cable equipment. Our ISO 9001 Certification is but one example of Entwistle’s
continued dedication and commitment to providing high quality products that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.


The Entwistle Company